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The task

Acara needed a complete, modern visual identity build from scratch and a complex event marketing tool, offering different features to the customers. We have created simple and lightweight user interfaces for Acara app, clean, modern visual identity and a website design.


Style guide

There’s a strong ongoing trend for minimal, almost ascetic designs. But Acara is complex, enterprise product with many features. And it’s still growing. That`s why we`ve concentrated on building a consistent design system. With such variety of content shown on the screen, the color palette has to be tight, yet strong and clean. It can’t interfere with users’ custom color schemes and images in the editor. Intensive Acara Blue is used to emphasize important buttons, texts and icons.To help the users to concentrate on the information and their own designs, the interface is very clean and light.

Royal blue
Acara Blue
Wild blue yonder
Yankees blue
Light grey

We were also responsible for designing brand identity elements, such as business cards and envelopes.


The website

The website’s simple and lightweight visual style is a perfect, neutral environment, allowing to present the product and concentrate on it’s features. Animated micro-interactions and non-intrusive transitions are paired with Acara’s color palette and neat typography.

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