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What is Hioi?

The idea of Hioi emerges from the need to design a multifunctional, complex tool that will allow the users to easily manage their team, quick tasks and large projects without giving up the aesthetics. Designed to make their work easier, more intuitive and faster.


Following our research, we were able to create a customer journey and information architecture. Based on that, we’ve produced wireframes, interactive prototypes and low fidelity sketches.


Style guide

We have delivered a consistent, modern brand identity and full design guidelines for Hioi. To keep the designs as consistent as possible, along the finished interface designs, we have also produced a document collecting all of the elements.

Royal blue
Hioi Blue
Wild blue yonder
Yankees blue
Light grey

The next step was to translate the wireframes and the design system into final designs and think of micro interactions and animations.


Meet Hioi - Website

The main goal of the first version of the website is to present a new product to the potential customers and build a database of people who may be interested in this tool. These sixteen strange objects, designed and rendered in Blender, are symbols of various tasks and events that the users may encounter. Messy and weird at first, these finally become an organized group of simple, friendly bits and bobs, pleasant to look at. This abstract representation reflects the way the product works - allows the users to easily group and organize upcoming assignments and projects.

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