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Our approach

We are passionate about delivering high quality experiences that meet your expectations. That's why our approach to working with clients is a partnership. We want to share our points of view and keep in touch often.

How we work

These five stages help us deliver unique brand identities, websites and digital products. But, since our creative process revolves entirely around you - how we work depends on your specific needs and goals.

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stage 1


Not two projects are the same, so we want to immerse ourselves in your business, learn about your team and audience. That way, we can truly understand your expectations and needs.
Typical deliverables in this stage:
creative brief
goals and tasks
user journey
interviews & surveys
market research

stage 2


We don`t want things that just look good. It is also about reflecting your company and and converting visitors into paying customers. That`s why in this stage we focus on ideas, exploration, sketches(lots of sketches) and moodboards. Eventually, these concepts emerge into digital products that will win your customers hearts and minds.
Typical deliverables in this stage:
information architecture

stage 3


In this step, we are focusing on color palettes, shapes, fonts and illustrations. we spend time polishing your brand identity and designing the website.
Typical deliverables in this stage:
hi-fi wireframes
brand identity
website&app design

stage 4


Based on solid foundations, we enter the development stage. Our team concentrates on effectivness and builds a stunning, responsive digital experience that works on multiple screen sizes and devices.
Typical deliverables in this stage:

stage 5


Implement, measure, optimise. In this stage we will measure every detail, check for simple errors or browser bugs.
Typical deliverables in this stage:
usability studies

stage 6

Deliver and launch

Once your digital experience is ready, it`s time for a launch! We will help you with that. And when it comes to your brand identity - We know times are changing, and companies are growing. This is why we will also deliver future-proof design system, so your business can evolve and grow.
Typical deliverables in this stage:
design system
brand guidelines
social media assets