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World of Gemstones was opened over 15 years ago, but it did never really had a consistent identity. We had to change that. Our quick research shows that the people who shop at World of Gemstones are mostly women, 30 or older, looking for quality, classic and beauty of nature. Our main focus was to create a brand that will emphasize these values - the one that’s elegant and timeless, but not extravagant.


We’ve decided on the color palette that is at the same time classic and organic(but not unrefined). Deep, dark green paired with pastel beige, pistachio and light grey, complemented with gold accents. Since We’ve really wanted to avoid overused, polygon-shaped, literal representation of gemstones, we’ve looked for an inspiration in soft, ovoid shapes and linear patterns of art deco era. They are not only much more unique, but also seem to be more classic and elegant. The logomark is a subtle hint. It may be a precious gemstone enclosed on a necklace or a globe. In addition, this small set of icons was developed to represent the various ways minerals are being cut and polished.

Dark sea green
Kombu green
Cal Poly Pomona green
Charleston green

We were responsible for creating lots of different offline materials - including discount cards, labels, some stationery and invoices.

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